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Shana Tova 5780 | Elul is Upon Us!

Yom Kippur is a time to add meaning and intention to your year.

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In the Days of Awe
by Robin Becker

Hear my personal prayer, the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart that I may find a way back through love In the hospital room packed in blood-soaked cotton the new mother lay animal-exhausted technicians whisked the child away in the first hours there was fear O teach me to withhold judgment of the one who took my place who said yes when I said no whose days opened to the child when my days foreclosed she who conceived of joy where I imagined the crossbar against my chest subjugation of family life the double harness the never ending tasks the clamp and vise

Avinu Malkeinu אבינו מלכינו
Avinu malkeinu inscribe us in the Book of Deliverance
Avinu malkeinu inscribe us in the Book of Merit
Avinu malkeinu inscribe us in the Book of Forgiveness

To Him Who Is Feared
By Eleazar Ben Kalir

To Him who is feared a Crown will I bring.
Thrice Holy each day acclaim Him my King;
At altars, ye mighty, proclaim loud His praise,
And multitudes too may whisper His lays.
Ye angels, ye men, whose good deeds He records—
Sing, He is One, His is good, our yoke is the Lord’s!
Praise Him trembling to-day, His mercy is wide—
Ye who fear for His wrath—it doth not abide!
Ye seraphim, high above storm clouds may sing;
Men and angels make music, th’ All-seeing is king.
As ye open your lips, at His Name they shall cease—
Transgression and sin—in their place shall be peace;
And thrice shall the Shophar re-echo your song
On mountain and altar to whom both belong.

Rosh HaShanah Recipes 5780

Thinking of cooking as a deep and embodied way to connect to our most beautiful and sweet and holy innermost selves, here are some recipes from Jane’s Kitchen for 5780.

Tangy way to serve apples.

Tangy way to serve apples.

This is a recipe to make every year that is rich in flavor and has a beautiful golden color.

This is a recipe to make every year that is rich in flavor and has a beautiful golden color.


Past High Holiday Programs

Teshuvah: From Judgment to Compassion

More Info

Led by Ellen Rosen Kaplan, LCSW & Tova Markenson, PhD Candidate

August 25 | 9:00-12:00am CSTT $55 |Beth Emet Synagogue

The practice of teshuvah, returning to our highest selves, is emphasized on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but in fact can be practiced in the present moment.

The Words of Deuteronomy: Our Path towards Teshuva

More Info

Led by Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

Thursday mornings in September | 10-11:30am | Mallinckrodt Community Center | 1041 Ridge Rd | $75

Join this study group to explore the weekly portions of the book of Deuternomy as a road towards the High Holy Days.

Returning Home: Spiritual Preparation for the High Holy Days

More Info

Online class using the zoom platform led by Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

September 11, 18, and 25 7:00- 8:30 pm CST| $50

We will explore traditional texts and using discussion, reflective practices, and writing to begin the spiritual work of readying ourselves for the High Holiday season.

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