A Fresh Start

By Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

Since Orot’s inception, its faculty members have been offering weekly teachings on the Torah portion, connecting the Jewish wisdom of the parasha with our daily lives to open up new sources of meaning and reflection. We call these weekly teachings kavannot - a Hebrew word which can mean intention or directed meaning. In each kavannah, we approach the weekly parasha with fresh eyes and dig into its rich layers, illuminating small pieces of the text and bringing those pieces into conversation with the lives we lead and the lives we hope to lead. We see the Torah as a living body of wisdom that has so much to say to us and our everyday challenges, questions, struggles and joys. In each teaching, we hope to take you on a spiritual journey: into the text’s depths and back out into your daily lived experiences. We close each kavannah with a concrete teaching - an offered intention - that we hope you can take with you into Shabbat and throughout the coming week.

Each week, we will add our weekly teachings to this space as an evolving resource for you. With the launch of this new website, we are excited to share these pieces with you and enlarge the ever-growing body of nourishing Torah.