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At Orot, we are deeply committed to serving as a nourishing resource for our local community, offering ongoing opportunities for study and practice within intimate micro spiritual communities. It is within these consistent communities of practice and exploration that people can build relationships, discover wisdom, and build meaning for their lives.

Orot has provided me with three invaluable treasures: first, a passionate, committed community in which to teach, learn, and engage in Jewish contemplative practice; second, a core group of profoundly gifted teachers with whom to study Jewish worship and Jewish ideas; and third, encompassing the other, two: Torah. Orot brings Torah (as text) to life, through inspired torah (teaching, instruction). I have found no other teachers like Orot's teachers, and no other institution of Jewish learning quite like it. - David Gottlieb


Weekly Classes

In these weekly gatherings, students develop comfort and confidence delving into Jewish wisdom and Jewish texts, within the context of a warm classroom community, probing essential questions while drawing forth personally relevant meaning for their lived experiences.

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Online Classes

For those not living in the Chicagoland area, we offer periodic online learning opportunities. These classes are multi-session series, are offered synchronously, and led by an Orot teacher in an attempt to best replicate the intimacy of an in-person learning experience.

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Orot has opened doors for me and for my husband. In just a few short months we’ve participated in two y’mei iyun, days of learning prior to Rosh HaShanah and Hanukkah, that gave us new insight into the holidays. Whereas I was looking for some spiritual nourishment, my husband was more interested in historical perspectives - and we both found what we were looking for. We’ve each taken an Orot evening class and have been inspired by the gifted teachers. Orot is a wonderful community resource and we feel lucky to be a part of the community.


Jewish Mindfulness Meditation

At Orot, mindfulness in a Jewish framework is interwoven throughout many of our programs and offerings. The contemplative tradition, teachings, and practices offer us spiritual tools to slow down, cultivate a deeper awareness and live every day with greater skillfulness, compassion, and love.

Coincidentally as I was beginning to look for a mindfulness and meditation class I was introduced to Orot. What an “aha moment” it was when I realized I could study and practice mindfulness meditation through a Jewish lens. Before Orot I had never considered melding my Judaism with meditation. They were separate aspects of my life.  I really like the ability to take something I am passionate about and use it to explore my Judaism and vice versa rather than keeping them separate.

Weekly Sits

We offer a weekly community of practice for those who are looking for regular Jewish meditation practice. Led by an Orot mindfulness instructor, these weekly sits are open to meditation beginners as well as veteran practitioners. The sessions include a weekly teaching, guided meditation, and time to sit in silent practice.

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Workshops + Half Day Retreats

We offer periodic workshops and Sunday morning half-day retreats to allow individuals to engage in a more immersive experience of Jewish mindfulness meditation. These programs are led by Orot’s seasoned mindfulness faculty members.

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Weekend Retreats

Several times throughout the year, we offer more immersive opportunities to explore the practice of Jewish mindfulness meditation. The half-day retreats are designed around a theme or an upcoming holiday, are usually offered on Sunday mornings, and are led by Orot’s mindfulness instructors.

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