Our Mission

Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning offers classes, programs, and retreats that provides opportunities for cultivating transformative habits of body, heart, and mind that lead to greater life wisdom, meaning, and compassion. Orot designs learning experiences that integrate ancient Jewish wisdom with meditation, yoga, music, art, and creative writing in an attempt to empower and support individuals as they open up new pathways into Jewish meaning and look to use Judaism as a source for personal, relational, and communal transformation.

Our Vision

Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning empowers Jews of all backgrounds to discover new entry points into the richness of Jewish wisdom, to bring the light of Judaism into direct conversation with their lived experiences and to invest in personally reshaping a new paradigm for Jewish learning as a vehicle towards personal meaning and communal and social reinvigoration.




  • We believe that Jewish wisdom - if taught in an open and non-dogmatic manner- can help all Jews reclaim a personal stake in Torah and answer the deepest questions of life.

  • We believe that when used as a lens for self-reflection, Torah from the Mountain (our inherited tradition) can help Jews attune themselves to their unique Torah from the Well (intrinsic inner wisdom).

  • We believe that Torah study without action is incomplete: at Orot, we empower our community to apply Jewish wisdom to better their families, their communities and the world at large.

  • We believe that Torah becomes relevant and valuable when it speaks to the whole self: head, heart, body, and spirit.

  • We believe that there is no single path towards Torah - we open up a variety of portals to Jewish wisdom through meditation, music, art, writing, and yoga.

  • We believe that Torah and the Jewish People are enriched by a diverse plurality of voices sitting around the table, learning together.

  • We believe that all Jews deserve the opportunity to discover - or rediscover - their unique way into Judaism as a rich wisdom tradition.




  • Josh Feigelson

  • Larry Kurtzon

  • Amy Schuman

  • Janet Holmgren

  • Barry Chazan

  • Pearl Mattenson