Looking upon leads to awareness. Awareness leads to action. Talmud, Menachot 43b

Orot supports the contemporary and timeless practice of Jewish mindfulness in Chicago. Through our direct experience of Jewish wisdom, we strengthen our capacity to live with awareness, generosity and compassion.


The Orot Compassion Project, which we will launch in the fall of 2017, will benefit social service providers at the Ark Chicago, Jewish Child and Family Services and its subsidiaries, Shalva, Ezra Multi-service Center, the Selfhelp Home, and other organizations that provide services to Chicago’s Jewish poor, mentally ill, and marginalized. The Orot Compassion Project is a new pilot project at Orot. It provides Jewish mindfulness instruction to social service providers to promote self-care and greater attunement and empathy in clinical interventions.


Weekly Jewish Mindfulness Meditation

Tue,Jan 8 @ 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation - 303 Dodge, Evanston
Join us for our weekly community of practice of Jewish mindfulness meditation. This Tuesday evening session will be led by a rotating group of mindfulness teachers and is held at the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston. Join us on a drop-in basis. We ask for a donation at whatever level is meaningful to you to support the teachers.
Open to beginner and veteran practitioners of mindfulness meditation.

Orot Compassion Project: Jewish mindfulness training for social service providers and communal professionals

JCFS Cooper Center - 3145 Pratt, Chicago, IL
The Orot Compassion Project - 2018-2019
generously supported by the JUF Breakthrough Fund

Through this immersive yearlong course of study and practice designed to develop mindfulness-based skills in a Jewish framework, participants will acquire:

  • A concrete toolkit for self-care at home and at work
  • Confidence at administering mindfulness-based clinical interventions in a Jewish framework
  • A supportive and safe community of compassionate colleague-practitioners 
  • A deeper connection to Judaism as a source of wisdom and support during difficult times
Participants will benefit from the following outcomes, which will in turn support more effective clinical interventions:

  • A deepening of present-moment non-judgmental awareness of self and others 
  • Increase in compassion and empathic curiosity for self and others
  • Improvement in overall sense of wellbeing
  • Greater resiliency in the face of challenging circumstances
  • The ability to assert loving, firm boundaries grounded in discernment and compassion
  • Reduction in job-related stress and anxiety; increase in job satisfaction and motivation
  • Decrease in reactivity; increase in self-regulation, responsiveness, and discernment
  • A deeper sense of interconnection with colleagues and clients
This training includes:

  • A 6-week opening study and practice course on mindfulness and self-care in a Jewish context
  • A 6-week course of study and practice on integrating mindfulness in a Jewish framework into clinical interventions
  • A workbook of essential texts, tools, practices, and skills to support your personal practice and deliver mindfulness to clients
Interim practice support through:

  • Monthly chevruta (partner) study and practice check-ins with a member of the cohort
  • Periodic spiritual direction with Compassion Project staff
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • Tools for tracking your personal progress
  • Availability of faculty by email for consultation
  • A community of practice to support your personal growth and learning
  • 4 immersive half-day mindfulness meditation practice retreats
  • Evaluation by a third-party evaluator
Important dates:

  • Opening half-day retreat: Sunday, October 7th
  • Fall 2018 6-week course on mindfulness and self-care in a Jewish framework: Monday mornings -8:30 - 10:00 am - October 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19, and 26
  • Fall closing half-day retreat: Sunday, December 2nd
  • Opening Spring half-day retreat: Sunday, February 10th
  • Spring 2019 6-week course on integrating mindfulness in a Jewish framework into interventions: Thursday mornings-8:30 - 10:00 am - March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4 and 11
  • Closing half-day retreat: Sunday, May 5th

24 CEU’s available

Registration open to case workers, clinicians, social workers, and adminstrators working at a Jewish social service agency or independent practitioners

Register here by September 20, 2018

Cost to clinician working at Jewish social service agency or community organization: $100 
Cost to the social-service agency or organization: $250 
Cost for independent practitioners: $350

The course is brought you by Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning

Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning offers classes, programs, and retreats that provides opportunities for cultivating transformative habits of body, heart, and mind that lead to greater life wisdom, meaning, and compassion. Orot designs learning experiences that integrate ancient Jewish wisdom with meditation, yoga, music, art, and creative writing in an attempt to empower and support individuals as they open up new pathways into Jewish meaning and look to use Judaism as a source for personal, relational, and communal transformation.

The Orot Compassion Project is designed and delivered by expert teachers in the field of teaching evidence-based mindfulness practices to clinicians in a Jewish framework, including:

Laurie Garber-Amram, LCSW
Dr. David Gottlieb